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About the Commonwealth Cannabis Competition

The Commonwealth Cannabis Competition is a cannabis competition for dispensaries and cannabis enthusiasts to showcase their products. The ComCanComp curates third party evaluations of cannabis, cannabis products, and cannabis ancillary products, and when completed provides recognition and awards to the winning product creators.

The Commonwealth Cannabis Competition made its debut in 2018 at the Boston Freedom Rally. This year the Competition will host it's competition at our flagship event called The Commonwealth Campout which will feature a cannabis centric music and arts festival.


Judging provides insight by industry leaders. The process is a blind evaluation with a scoring system.


From bragging rights and notoriety or marketing and promotional purposes, winning a CUP from Commonwealth Cannabis Competition is recognition of creating a quality product.


The competition provides the opportunity to network and grow the wealth of knowledge within our community.


The Commonwealth Campout

The Commonwealth Campout is a music and art festival catering to the counter culture community. The event is hosted at Camp Timber Trails in Tolland, MA. The venue is cannabis friendly allowing open consumption throughout the 417 acre property. Cannabis enthusiasts can network with like minded people in a safe and welcoming environment. The 2022 Campout will feature the 4th annual Cannabis Competition award ceremony, live music performances by local musicians, glassblowing and art demos, yoga, free tent camping and more!  

Gates open at HIGH noon on May 21st for general admission. Admission is FREE, must be 21+ with valid ID to attend. Overnight tent camping is free. Cabin rentals are available for Friday and Saturday night.

Music Concert

Live Music Performances

Compete in the Commonwealth Cannabis Competition


The Commonwealth Cannabis Competition is an interactive cannabis showcase for cannabis enthusiasts. The ComCanComp recognizes the best cannabis and cannabis products in Massachusetts by coordinating a competition judged by local cannabis experts. ComCanComp AWARD CEREMONY will be hosted at the Commonwealth Campout at Camp Timber Trails.



$200 per entry, multiple entries allowed. All entries must be free of any distinusishing marks, logos, symbols or brands. Please note the labeling requirments for edibles and topicals. You may use warning labels to identify the products are made with THC / Cannabis.

FLOWER - 28 Grams

28 samples containing 1g packaged in UNMARKED and UNBRANDED packaging.


20 samples containing .25g packaged in UNMARKED and UNBRANDED packaging.

EDIBLE - 28 Samples

28 sample/servings containing 50mg packaged in UNMARKED and UNBRANDED packaging. Entry must have ingredients label printed with black ink only, and must include the type of cannabis product used for infusion.

TOPICAL - 28 Samples of 100mg

28 sample/servings containing 100mg packaged in UNMARKED and UNBRANDED packaging. Entry must have ingredients label printed with black ink only, and must include the type of cannabis product used for infusion.


To register to compete please take the time to fill out the information below.

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